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Donations and Expenses for CY2015

The Matthew Patton Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity [EIN 47-3599680]. 

August 2015 - $100 John and Lynn Patton

August 2015 - $15,000 North Congregational Church, Fall River, MA.

September 2015 - $5.00 Evan Patton

September 2015 - $5.00 John Patton

September 2015 - $20.00 Wendy and Brian Almeida

September 2015 - $10.00 Zach Millard

September 2015 - $10.00 Anna McAdam

October 2015 - $50.00 Anonymous

November 2015 - $100.00 Marc Thomas

November 2015 - $100.00 Nancy Ann

November 2015 - $50.00 Heather A Viveiros

December 2015 - $1000.00 Crossfit 508 Gym

December 2015 - $25.00 Anonymous

March 2016 - $10.00 John Patton

Thank you all for your generosity!!!!






            President and CEO - $0 (Salary deferred)

            Secretary - $0 (Salary deferred)

            Treasurer - $0 (Salary deferred)

            Chairman of the Board - $0 (Salary deferred)

            Board of Directors - $0 (Salary deferred)

Overhead - $0

Website design - $0 (Teresa Dubois deferred pay for website design)

Software for creating website* - $513.34 

Domain, SSL, and Server use* - $947.59

Incorporation fees* - $400.00

Bank Fees - $5.42

Meals - $184.90

Mileage - $40.32


            Facebook - $1,002.06

            Promotional events: $78.92

            Promotional materials (ex., business cards): $2,186.66

*These monies were needed to obtain incorporation (EIN) and IRS nonprofit approval (filing state and federal paperwork) and to develop and go live with the website on March 26, 2015.

TOTAL EXPENSES CY2015: $5,408.21



What we accomplished with your donations:

  1. Trip to Hanscom AFB December 28, 2016 to meet with leadership to arrange suicide prevention talks with MA NG Soldiers.
  2. Trip to Hanscom AFB February 17, 2016 for suicide prevention talk with MA NG Soldiers.
  3. Countless hours: 
  • Researching, writing, and updating content for the TBI, PTSD, depression, SUD, and suicide sections
  • Researching and summarizing articles for MPF website
  • Researching likeminded nonprofits and communicating with leadership for monthly spotlights (ex., #22KILL)
  • Researching and collaborating with other nonprofit personnel (ex., Home Base) to find treatment options for Soldiers and Veterans
  • Researching local area resources (ex., nonprofits) for those who requested help for specific needs (anonymous)
  • Sharing research and insight about suicide prevention with interested parties (ex., Deputy Director of Joining Forces and Director of Resiliency) via email and teleconferences
  • Supporting Service members, Veterans, and their Families via text, email, and telephone 24/7
  • Generating ideas for MPF fundraisers
  1. Attending events to promote MPF
  • Run for the Fallen RI September 26, 2015
  • Project New Hope November 7, 2015
  • Camp Valhalla February 30, 2016
  • Hero Stars February 26, 2016

*Our accomplishments while creating MPF that occurred prior to achieving official incorporation and nonprofit status required use of our personal monies for funding. They include:

  • Trip to Fort Hood August 22, 2014 for suicide prevention talk with 475 Soldiers
  • Trip to Fort Bragg January 30, 2015 for suicide prevention talk with approximately 30 Soldiers
  • Trip to Fort Bragg March 6, 2015 for suicide prevention talk with approximately 30 Soldiers. 

We would like to thank Teresa Dubois for designing our website free-of-charge, Belinda Sykes Formento for summarizing articles and tirelessly promoting MPF, Heather A Vivieros for helping with donations, and a special thanks to Beverly L. Franklin for dragging me out of the house to network, fundraise, and promote MPF.

Thank you to our family, military families, and friends for loving and supporting us. We could not do this without you.



Donations and Expenses for CY2016

The Matthew Patton Foundation had its board meeting last week. Officers were re-elected and one new board member added. The CFO reported our financial status and the CEO reported activities for the year. This information will be posted shortly. Thank you for your patience.