The Matthew Patton Foundation will provide educational and advocacy services that will depend on what your needs are. For now MPF will read and categorize your stories to facilitate the board of directors in prioritizing which problems to solve.

Current Services

MPF will continue to visit Army bases to educate Soldiers unit-by-unit about suicide prevention by putting a face on suicide.
MPF will work on a three-part program to educate Service members about PTSD.
MPF will read and answer your questions in a timely manner.
MPF will evaluate your suggestions and make change when needed.
MPF will take solutions you provide and assess them for use in other areas.
MPF will research and post new articles that contain information relating to your stories.

Potential Advocacy

We will advocate for you at the individual (unit), community (base), National (big Army) levels based on the problems you identify.

MPF educational and advocacy services will be updated as we prioritize your needs and new opportunities arise.