Family Member Story

Here is a tragic story that illustrates how mental health issues affect generations of family members. The person who submitted this story urges everyone to seek care to achieve mental health wellness. Read more.

Here is a story from a woman who is heart broken from losing the man she loved; a love that began years ago when she saw him across a diner and then bloomed when given a second chance when they met again years later. Their story ends tragically, like many these days, when he died as a result of what we now know as PTSD. He served in Vietnam where the symptoms were seen as they are today. He suffered especially from substance use, hypervigilance and a severe sleep disorder, but he didn’t have the current medical diagnosis of PTSD until it was too late. Like Veterans today, he endured bad and inappropriate care from the VA and he solved the problem the way too many Veterans do; he ended is his pain by putting a bullet through his head. Now, this woman suffers, as do many of us. Please read this poignant, heartbreaking story to understand we need action now. Our Veterans have been suffering far too long and suicide should never be an option. Read more.

One spouse explains how they were not properly educated about health care benefits prior to her husband's separation from the Army.  Read more.

Prazosin stops PTSD-related nightmares in their tracks. Learn how one mom who lost her son to suicide from the invisible wounds of war began to have nightmares after viewing her son's autopsy photos. Taking her "miracle drug" Prazosin freed her from her nightmares and helped her regain peaceful sleep. Read more.

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