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Real Stories from Active-Duty and Veteran Service Members and Families Like Yours


Active-Duty Service Member Story

Usually, MFP receives stories via the website that go through my email for editing to ensure anonymity. Recently, I received a call because the person in question wanted to tell me his story instead of writing it down. That is fine with me because I read through the stories anyway. This story involves a Soldier’s encounter with mental health professionals while active duty and the need for support as a Veteran. Read more.

This Soldier had problems seeking out mental health services because of stigma and problems with his leadership. Once he had the courage to seek out help, he felt the doctors didn't really care. Read more.

Veteran Service Member Story

A Veteran describes the negative consequences that can happen when a Service member leaves his or her branch of service unprepared because of inadequate preparation from his or her Service branch. Read more.

A Veteran talks about a therapy called Alpha Stim and how it is working, or not working, for him or her. Read more.

A Veteran, who decided he was ready for mental health care, specifically counseling, asked MPF for help finding a mental health center that would potentially do some sessions over the phone because he travels daily. This Veteran dislikes the VA and does not trust it, so MPF found something similar that fills his needs. He is now in counseling. Read more.

Military Family Story

Here is a story from a woman who is heart broken from losing the man she loved; a love that began years ago when she saw him across a diner and then bloomed when given a second chance when they met again years later. Their story ends tragically, like many these days, when he died as a result of what we now know as PTSD. He served in Vietnam where the symptoms were seen as they are today. He suffered especially from substance use, hypervigilance and a severe sleep disorder, but he didn’t have the current medical diagnosis of PTSD until it was too late. Like Veterans today, he endured bad and inappropriate care from the VA and he solved the problem the way too many Veterans do; he ended is his pain by putting a bullet through his head. Now, this woman suffers, as do many of us. Please read this poignant, heartbreaking story to understand we need action now. Our Veterans have been suffering far too long and suicide should never be an option. Read more.

One spouse explains how they were not properly educated about health care benefits prior to her husband's separation from the Army.  Read more.

Prazosin stops PTSD-related nightmares in their tracks. Learn how one mom who lost her son to suicide from the invisible wounds of war began to have nightmares after viewing her son's autopsy photos. Taking her "miracle drug" Prazosin freed her from her nightmares and helped her regain peaceful sleep. Read more.

About Matthew Story

This is a story written by a friend of Matthews while he was active-duty. Thank you for writing in about our son. Read more.

Latest News

"MPF's Monthly Nonprofit Spotlight - April 13, 2016"

In our ongoing effort to fulfill our mission to work alongside other like-minded nonprofits that better the lives of our Service men and women, Veterans, and their Families, here are the April 13th  nonprofits we chose to spotlight. USA Cares provides assistance to post 9/11 Service members, Veterans, and their Families without expectation of repayment. They offer assistance programs for jobs, emergencies, the combat-injured, and housing and financing (grants). There is a 48-hour turnaround for the required applications that are carefully screened for eligibility, all of which receive written responses. Patriot Riders of America, RI is a local nonprofit organization that is part of the multistate group Patriot Riders of America. Locally and nationally, these groups strive to support, advocate, and raise awareness for Veterans through multiple avenues including community service, fundraising, flag lines, motorcycle flag escorts, parades, and Veterans outreach. The Military Friends Foundation offers grant programs, community events, referral services, and more for the MA National Guard, Reserves, and Families of the Fallen. Having already provided nearly $1 million in grants and services to Massachusetts families in need, it is now expanding services to those Service members who live in neighboring states. Read more.

"2016 Annual Letter to the MPF Community"

Our chairman of the board's annual letter of thanks to supporters of the Matthew Patton Foundation. Read more.

"MPF's Monthly Nonprofit Spotlight - March 13, 2016"

An important part of MPF’s mission is to work alongside other like-minded nonprofits to provide resources for our Service members, Veterans, and their Families. It is our belief that nonprofits working together will provide a powerful force to battle military suicide and mental health issues like TBI and PTSD. This month we focus on an important issue that is oftentimes a result of untreated mental health issues—Veteran homelessness. We focus on three nonprofits: Veteran Homestead, an organization that provides housing and care to U.S. Armed Service Veterans throughout New England and Puerto Rico; Alaska Veterans Foundation, an organization whose primary mission is to end veteran homelessness in the State of Alaska; and Shelter Listings.org, whose mission is to help the needy find shelter and assistance. Although this listing is for anyone in need of housing, and other financial help, we spotlight it for its special section for Veterans— HUD VASH Vouchers - Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing as well as for its important sister website that offers many financial help resources. Read more.

"MPF's Monthly Nonprofit Spotlight - February 13, 2016"

In our ongoing effort to fulfill our mission to work alongside other like-minded nonprofits that better the lives of our Service men and women, Veterans, and their Families, this month we have chosen to spotlight Camp Valhalla Veterans Retreat, where Veterans can successfully transition into civilian life by engaging in recreational activities with the sense of camaraderie they experienced while active duty; Operation Once in a Lifetime the mission of which is to fulfill the needs and wishes of Service Members, Veterans and their Families through provision of morale/financial support and multiple giving programs; and last, The Adaptive Training Foundation, founded by ex NFL player David Vobora who offers unique and 100% free physical training programs to help Veterans reach beyond basic functional rehabilitation to achieve elite levels of physical performance. Read more.

"MPF's Monthly Nonprofit Spotlight - January 13, 2016"

An important part of MPF’s mission is to work in concert with other like-minded nonprofits to provide as many resources for our Service members as possible. It is our belief that nonprofits working together will provide a powerful force to battle military suicide and mental health issues like TBI and PTSD. This month we spotlight Honor Courage Commitment, Inc, started by a Marine who believed the same concepts learned during service could be applied to teach Veterans to become successful entrepreneurs. Out of this nonprofit grew #22KILL which focuses on preventing Veteran suicide by empowering Veterans. Last is White Star Families, which as a program under #22KILL honors the 22 Veterans lost per day and their Families. Currently, leadership is advocating for gaining national recognition for White Star Families. Read more.